Always looking for great class assistants

Job description

Even when we don’t have an open position, we are always keen to get to know talented and committed class assistants who are interested in working with us.

Sending your cover letter and CV through this on-going post doesn’t exclude the need for constantly checking our website and applying to specific vacancies. However, we will always take a look at this database when we open a new position.

Check below to understand what we look for in our class assistants. And if you feel you have the skills and the cultural fit to work at St Paul’s, we would love to receive your application.

In your cover letter, please indicate which area you would be more interested in (Pre-Prep/ Early years – ages 3-6 or Prep – ages 6-11). Please, ensure that your entire application is in English as this is the working language at St Paul's.

What is our Class Assistants' main Role?

Our class assistants assist and actively collaborate in a positive partnership with teaching staff of the Pre-prep/Prep School, providing valuable support for teaching and learning by establishing a safe and stimulating environment that promotes pupil development academically, socially and personally.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Contribute to pupils’ learning as effectively as possible in both group situations and with individuals, following the direct guidance of the class/specialist teacher in order to maintain the highest expectations of teaching and learning.
  • Promote positive values, attitudes and good behaviour through following the behaviour policy so that the pupils’ confidence, sense of judgement and independence are developed.
  • Assist the organisation of the classroom environment and preparation of resources, keeping track of the classroom stationery and resources, to ensure that resources are available to maximise teaching and learning.
  • Establish a safe and respectful climate through supervising children, interacting, listening and mediating when conflicts take place, in order to ensure that children are safe at all times, both physically and emotionally
  • Communicate effectively with the class and specialist teachers, through either spoken or written communication, passing on key messages in order for consistency throughout the day.
  • Aid individual pupils or small groups by providing support when asked to with the aim of enabling them to fully take part in activities
  • Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom by listening, valuing and helping each child to feel successful in their learning.
  • Adhere to the school’s professional standards; speaking in English at all times, except during Portuguese lessons, and setting a good example in terms of use of uniform, punctuality, attendance and general conduct with all school members.
  • Take advantage of the professional development offered by St Paul’s, taking part in staff meetings, INSET and training sessions, in order to continuously develop knowledge and skills, improve practice, learn more and are up‑to‑date on all pedagogical aspects.



  • High school Diploma
  • Fluent English
  • Pedagogia Diploma or Pedagogia in course is desirable
  • Office 365
  • Previous experience or desire to develop a career in Education
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to establish positive professional relationships (with staff and pupils)
  • To be collaborative and a team worker
  • Lifelong learning attitude


  • Working hours: 7h15 to 5pm
  • We provide a uniform for all our assistants.