Prep School Portuguese Teacher (with possibility of Portuguese Department Leadership)

Job description


Promote excellence in teaching and learning for the children at St Paul’s by encouraging curiosity, independence and engagement through developing a safe, happy, supportive and stimulating environment, ensuring playful, exploratory and language-rich experiences so that children are challenged to reach their full potential.

Main responsibilities

  • Plan broad and balanced learning experiences for the Portuguese subject, creating and selecting appropriate resources in order to support pupils progress and develop children’s sense of curiosity and wonder about the world;
  • Identify and monitor individual abilities, interests and needs, promoting differentiation in order to support every child’s full development;
  • Ensure pupil progress by making use of formative and summative assessment to inform planning so that pupils are successful in their learning;
  • Ensure a safe and effective learning environment is maintained by using the school’s behaviour policy consistently in order to set clear and high expectations of pupil behaviour;
  • Promote positive relationships through modelling and collaborating across the school community to ensure a respectful, safe and secure environment;
  • Support children’s Portuguese language development and communication skills by modelling consistent and proficient use of the language;
  • Support children’s exploratory experiences and independence both indoors and outdoors by planning activities and enriching the provision in order to develop a stimulating learning environment;
  • Care for pupils’ social, emotional and physical well-being, by creating a safe and positive culture within the classroom in order to make children secure to learn, take risks and make mistakes;
  • Report any safeguarding issues that arise following the school safeguarding policy in order for each child to feel safe in the school environment;
  • Collaborate and contribute towards the Pre-Prep school vision by participating in whole-staff meetings, year group planning sessions, supporting colleagues and sharing resources and best practice with the aim of participating actively and working well within a team.
  • Make sure that Portuguese lessons are integrated with the overall approach and topics explored in the year group;
  • Guarantee up to date and modern techniques are applied to the Portuguese curriculum, with best in class language development methodologies;
  • Balance modern & classical Brazilian authors when incentivise learning, making sure children develop a solid repertoire.
  • Communicate effectively with parents by establishing a positive partnership, reporting on individual pupil’s progress, well-being and other relevant issues in order to ensure all parts involved are informed and working towards the same goals.

This role is also looking for candidates with potential to become a Portuguese Learning Leader (known in other structures as Head of Department). A Learning Leader, on top of the requirements as a Teacher, is responsible for providing professional leadership and management for the Portuguese curriculum in Prep Schol in order to secure high quality teaching, effective use of resources and improved standards of learning and achievement for all pupils across all year groups in Prep School.

Applications will be considered as they arrive and the school reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.

Required for August 2020

Job requirements

  • To have a university degree qualification;
  • To have a certified teaching qualification, e.g. either a PGCE from the UK or Pedagogia from a Brazilian university;
  • To have knowledge of Office 365;
  • To have leadership experience;
  • To have knowledge of the early years’ foundation stage curricula (English and Brazilian) and a solid experience as a Portuguese teacher;
  • To have good communication skills;
  • Forms positive professional relationships (with staff, parents, pupils);
  • To be pro-active, flexible, resilient and collaborative;
  • To be a team worker;
  • Love of children;
  • Professional development and caring.

Any additional information you wish to be considered please upload using the CV option.


1-A letter of application detailing:

How your skills and experiences will contribute to success in this role.

What you think will be your main contributions to this role.

2-Lesson Observation

3-Panel Interview (PLT)