Prep Art Teacher - Local hire

Job description


This role is designed to enhance and develop our pupils’ creative and artistic skills, in line with the specialist provision in the visual arts in the Prep and Senior Schools.

The role of the Prep Art Teacher at St. Paul’s is to guide pupils in learning how to use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, and to experiment with colour, design, texture, form and function.  The Prep Art teacher will also be responsible for looking after the ordering, maintenance and storage of resources, keeping the Prep displays attractive and child-centred as well as helping to prepare the set for  shows. The Art teacher will be a child-centered, creative practitioner who is innovative and self-motivated in their work.

All teaching must be done in English

  • Teach a timetable of lessons as agreed with the Head of School. 
  • Keep records about all pupils in order to give timely feedback and report appropriately to parents regarding their development. 
  • Document the lessons with photos and videos and keep up an on-going documentation of art learning in Firefly. 
  • Hold regular meetings with the heads of year, subject coordinators and the deputy head of the Prep Schoolto ensure curriculum development and coherence. 
  • Look after the regular maintenance of the Prep Art Room. 
  • Organise the general stock of the Prep School, being alert to possible needs and making sure materials are ordered in a timely and conscientious fashion. 
  • Keep the displays in the corridors attractive, current and child-centred.  
  • Create any other artistic and presentation materials such as posters, when necessary. 
  • Undertake such other duties and responsibilities as the Head of School may reasonably direct from time to time.

Key responsibilities 

Pupils’ Development, Teaching and Learning 

Academic Learning (including, but not limited to): 

  • Creating and monitoring lessons and learning activities which are appropriate to a range of learning styles and pupil abilities. 
  • Provoking and developing children’s sense of curiosity and wonder about the world. 

Social Development (including, but not limited to): 

  • Ensuring a safe, stimulating, ordered and supportive environment for learning. 
  • Giving ethical direction and pastoral care.

Professional/Self-development (including, but not limited to)

Active participation in self-development and record keeping of personal goals, training and development initiatives undertaken.

Professional Relationships
with other teachers and staff (including, but not limited to):

  • Being a team player – supporting the work of other colleagues by participating in meetings and participating in shared planning for the relevant year groups, covering absent teachers, duties etc.

with parents (including, but not limited to):

  • Reporting on pupil progress, orally and in writing, as may be required by school procedure.  
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities as the Head of Prep may reasonably direct from time to time.

This job description will form part of the annual cycle of the staff review and development process and this will be an opportunity to refine certain aspects and functions listed in it.

Closing date Wednesday 28th March 2018 end of day.

Please ensure your entire application is in English.  

Applications will be considered as they arrive and the school reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.  

Required for end of July 2018


  • To have a university degree qualification;
  • To have a certified teaching qualification, e.g. either a PGCE from the UK or Pedagogia from a Brazilian university; 
  • To have a real interest and a desire to work with young children; 
  • To have high quality teaching skills; 
  • To be passionate about teaching and learning; 
  • To have knowledge of effective teaching and learning strategies; 
  • To be creative and have a child-centred approach; 
  • To have an understanding of what effective differentiation is; 
  • To have enthusiasm and energy; 
  • To be professional in outlook and conduct; 
  • To have effective inter-personal skills; 
  • To be fully competent in English; 
  • To have the ability to work independently and as a part of a team; 
  • To be committed to on-going professional development; 
  • To have excellent ICT skills both in teaching and for administrative purposes.

Any additional information you wish to be considered please upload using the CV option.