Head of Computer Science

Job description


The school is seeking a highly motivated, inspirational and talented practitioner to lead and manage our academic ICT (Information Communication Technology) and computing department; building on and securing the future achievements of our pupils in their digital skills and learning.

The school has just invested in a significant upgrade of the hardware for computing and digital learning. All pupils in the Senior School bring their own device to school each day and the Prep and Pre-Prep Schools have an iPAD programme. All teaching staff have individual devices and all rooms are equipped with Apple TV and projectors. The school has just converted to Office 365 and all pupils and staff are expected to use this platform for collaboration and learning. The school has a skilled and experienced technical team to support the digital devices and platforms and a Head of Digital Learning (who also teaches in the department) and a Learning Resource Manager who all contribute to the teaching and learning of ICT and computing and the use of technology in the school. The department is very well resourced and is in a prime position for further development both in curriculum and enrichment activities.

Pupils are routinely highly successful in public examinations (and IGCSE and IB) and develop excellent skills, being excellently prepared for universities both at home and abroad and for successful careers beyond. The school routinely performs very well in the Brazilian robotics Olympiad which is run through the department.

We are looking for well-qualified, energetic and innovative individuals who are passionate about education and have the drive to make and lead a ICT and computing both as a curriculum subject and as a powerful platform for learning for the 21st century.

A full commitment to the life of the school is expected, as is a desire to pursue both your own professional development, and an aspiration to help the department continue to develop and extend its reputation for excellence.

In addition to teaching duties, teachers also act as a tutor to a group of 12 - 15 Senior School pupils. Being a tutor is a significant part of a teacher’s responsibilities at St. Paul’s, both in terms of time devoted to it and its contribution towards the successful running of the school, the happiness of the pupils and, hence, their attainment.

Participation in the co-curricular enrichment programme will also be expected.

The ICT and computing curriculum

Teachers are expected to teach across the whole ability and age range and the successful applicant will lead a small but dedicated team of teachers in a forward looking and dynamic department. Some members of the team also teach other subjects.

All pupils in Key Stage 3 (NC Y7 to 9) follow a computing course, taught by specialists, in which they acquire and practise skills with coding and learn how to use Microsoft products and other software. Pupils are expected to reach a high standard with their use of digital devices and to integrate them into their learning in other subjects.

In Forms 4 and 5 (UK NC Key Stage 4) the pupils follow the Cambridge IGCSE ICT or computer science courses. There are usually between 10 and 20 pupils studying in each year group at this level.

In the Sixth Form (Y12 and 13) we recently introduced the IB computer science course – with the first pupils completing this diploma in May 2017. Two pupils studied computer sciences, they scored a 7 and a 5 respectively and both and going on to study the subject at universities overseas.

Key responsibilities 

Pupils’ Development, Teaching and Learning 

Academic Learning (including, but not limited to): 

  • Creating and monitoring lessons and learning activities which are appropriate to a range of learning styles and pupil abilities. 
  • Provoking and developing children’s sense of curiosity and wonder about the world. 

Social Development (including, but not limited to): 

  • Ensuring a safe, stimulating, ordered and supportive environment for learning. 
  • Giving ethical direction and pastoral care.

Professional/Self-development (including, but not limited to)

Active participation in self-development and record keeping of personal goals, training and development initiatives undertaken.

Professional Relationships
with other teachers and staff (including, but not limited to):

  • Being a team player – supporting the work of other colleagues by participating in meetings and participating in shared planning for the relevant year groups, covering absent teachers, duties etc.

with parents (including, but not limited to):

  • Reporting on pupil progress, orally and in writing, as may be required by school procedure.  
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities as the Head of Prep may reasonably direct from time to time.

The successful candidate will be innovative and provide inspirational leadership for the use of technology both within and beyond the academic department.

Heads of departments are key leaders in the school and are expected to set the highest standards for collaboration, innovation and excellence, by embracing the school´s mission and values and by working as a champion for change and further school improvement. They will be an excellent teacher, an insightful and dedicated leader and someone who embodies the values of our school.

Learning and teaching

  • To ensure the department exhibits and maintains the highest standards of teaching and learning in line with the expectations of the school.
  • To support all members of the department in their professional development as teachers.
  • To maintain close contact with the learning resource centre manager and head of digital learning to ensure that the necessary supplementary resources and technology are available to support learning in this subject area.
  • To ensure the availability and appropriateness of all materials and resources necessary for the delivery of the department’s programmes of study.
  • To support the learning of all pupils including (but not limited to) provision of a catch-up programmes and Recuperação and other interventions as appropriate.
  • To devise and review the rationale of the department handbook and its related schemes of work.
  • To keep departmental marking and assessment policies up to date and appropriate in the department handbook and to ensure they are implemented.
  • To keep a careful check on syllabuses, etc. of external examinations taken in the subject and to implement modifications as required.
  • To supervise any necessary work for the setting and marking of the school’s internal examinations.
  • To review the policy and work of the department with colleagues at weekly departmental meetings and to provide and organise regular in-service training where necessary.
  • To co-ordinate and oversee school procedures (monitoring the content and quality of report writing, grade predictions, IGCSE and IB options, IB extended essays, etc.) with respect to the department.

Staff management

  • To consult with the SLT regarding staffing needs.
  • To monitor set sizes and communicate necessary changes to the leadership team.
  • To play a significant role in the appointment of new staff, especially those recruited locally.
  • To coach and induct newcomers to the department in school and department ethos and administrative procedures.
  • To participate in the school’s staff review process, acting as a line manager for those teachers in the department.
  • To regularly deliver CPL to the department.
  • To ensure, when a teacher leaves the school, teaching records and resources are left in order.


  • To prepare and submit an annual departmental budget (including book orders) in agreement with colleagues and the Deputy Head.
  • To check that each room has its proper complement of desks, chairs and equipment and that any variations are agreed with the Deputy Head.
  • To take pride in the presentation of rooms; providing high quality displays for example.
  • To report damage to rooms, furniture and equipment (usually used by the department) to the service desk, to ensure that all equipment is regularly serviced and that damaged furniture is removed and replaced.
  • To participate in heads of department meetings.


  • To take part in school meetings as required.
  • To attend staff development sessions, including the middle leaders programme.
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities as the Head may reasonably direct from time to time.
  • This job description will form part of the annual cycle of the staff review and development process and this will be an opportunity to refine certain aspects and functions listed in it.

Closing date 2nd April 2018 end of day.

Please ensure your entire application is in English.  

Applications will be considered as they arrive and the school reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.  

Required for end of July 2018


  • Educated to graduate level and professional in outlook and conduct.
  • Qualified to teach ICT / computing (licenciatura / PGCE / Bed or equivalent)
  • Articulate and creative with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Approachable to both parents and pupils.
  • Flexible in attitude and approach, able to work at a strategic level and in a hands-on capacity.
  • Resilient, cheerful and well-organised; able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Possesses an excellent level of attention to detail and precision.
  • Highly competent with ICT as a teaching and learning tool – a leader in digital learning.
  • Has an understanding of budgeting principles and restraints.
  • Experience of Ofsted / ISI / BSO inspection preparation and policy documentation.
  • Ability to work effectively with others in small teams, liaising effectively with staff, parents, pupils, governors and others.

Any additional information you wish to be considered please upload using the CV option.