EAL Coordinator

Job description


The school seeks a passionate, enthusiastic and talented practitioner with qualifications and experience to lead the (EAL) English as an Additional Language support programme across the full age range (3 – 18). In addition, the role will require teaching of mainstream English in the Senior School (ages 11 to 18). The teaching load would be up to 50% of that of a full-time English teacher.

In addition to EAL co-ordination and teaching duties, the successful candidate will a have a pastoral role and be a tutor to a group of 12 - 15 Senior School pupils. Tutoring is a significant part of a teacher’s responsibilities at St. Paul’s, both in terms of time devoted to it and its contribution towards the successful running of the school. Participation in the clubs and societies will also be expected.

A full commitment to the life of the school is expected, as is a desire to pursue both your own professional development, as well as an aspiration to help the school continue to develop and extend its reputation for excellence.

Job description

This is a new role at the school. Support for EAL pupils at the school has previously been organised via collaboration between the English departments and the Learning Support Unit.

The role will involve close cooperation with the Head of the Learning Support Unit and and the Heads of English in the 3 sections of the school.

Please note that the vast majority of pupils at the school are strictly EAL as they are native Portuguese speakers. However, as most pupils arrive at age 3 and are taught in English from that age, many Brazilian pupils have no significant difficulties in English.

The primary aim of this role is to identify and co-ordinate support for those non-native speakers whose relatively weak understanding and use of English is felt to be hinder their wider academic progress.

Professional Responsibilities

The EAL coordinator will be required to exercise her/his professional skills and judgement to carry out, in a collaborative manner, the professional duties set out below:

  • Identify students needing EAL support, on entry into school and conduct individual assessment;
  •  Prioritise students for support, differentiating between SEN and EAL;
  •  Audit and assess students’ language levels;
  •  Liaise with LSU co-ordinator and Heads of English to develop provision for EAL and bilingual pupils;
  •  Develop individual learning programmes for EAL pupils;
  •  Differentiate work for pupils, ensuring that resources and materials reflect and support the linguistic diversity of pupils and liaise with class teachers on lesson planning;
  •  Monitor standards of teaching and learning of pupils with EAL;
  •  Liaise with the LSU co-ordinator where a lack of progress suggests SEN;
  •  Provide guidance and in-service training to staff on in-class strategies to support EAL pupils;
  •  Report to the Head of Pre-Prep, Prep, and Assistant Head Academic of Senior School on the effectiveness of the above and the progress of pupils.

As the role will also include mainstream teaching within the Senior School English department please find below the following information relevant to that department:

Mission statement of the Senior School English department

We want our pupils to leave St. Paul’s enthused about and excelling in the use of English, having acquired a life-long passion for using the English language and enjoying literature in English. We want to enable our pupils to think critically about what they read and hear and voice their opinions eloquently, opening their minds to the richness of the world around them and enabling them to apply the skills they have learned in their out-of-school lives. We aim to achieve this through providing stimulating, relevant lessons, using engaging texts and learning methods, leading to examination success at all levels.

Description of the department

The English department in the Senior School is an academic, organised, supportive and energetic team of seven. We are enriched by having close links with the Film and Drama departments. Our department is central to the existence of the school: it is our job to ensure that pupils leave this British school utterly confident in their English usage and with a love of literature and of the English language. Our achievements in inspiring the pupils with structured, dynamic teaching supported by well-considered schemes of work. Although the majority of our pupils speak Portuguese at home, our approach, in keeping with our ethos as a British school, is to teach virtually as if they spoke English as a first language. Our pupils take Cambridge IGCSE English and English literature in Form 5 (Year 11). We are very proud of our on-going success at IGCSE.

2017 Exam results:

  • iGCSE English Literature: 43% A*/A
  • iGCSE English Language: 32% A*/A
  • IB English Lang and Lit HL: 87% 5/6/7
  • IB English Lang and Lit SL: 100% 5/6/7

In the thriving Sixth Form, pupils study the International Baccalaureate, which offers genuinely fascinating English language and literature courses for native and near-native speakers. One of the joys of the IB is the range of options the teacher has in terms of both texts and topics, and we make the most of this, with a fantastic library of texts and resources available. Our IB results are impressive: well above the world average, despite our pupils taking the prestigious and challenging bilingual diploma.

Lower down the School, we broadly follow the English National Curriculum at KS3, ensuring that we provide a spread of stimulating work with both language and literature, but have adapted our approach and curriculum content to prioritise our pupils’ needs and independent learning. We have an excellent selection of class readers and lively new textbooks, but our key strength lies in our outstanding shared resources and scheme of work, which are lovingly produced by members of the department.

Pupils of all ages are encouraged to revel in reading through our annual Reading Week, when we host talented and award-winning authors for young people; in the past few years we have had prestigious young adult authors such as Anthony McGowan, Mal Peet, Keith Gray, Melvin Burgess Bali Rai, Carnegie Award-nominated Phil Earle and Jon Mayhew, author of Mortlock, and Gemma Malley, author of The Declaration trilogy.

As you would expect, the school library housed in our fantastic academic centre is very well resourced, with print media, teen fiction and film being special strengths. Teachers are more than welcome to use the library for their own reading; in fact, we encourage all members of staff to model good reading habits. We also have a regular book club which welcomes pupils, staff and parents.

St. Paul's School English department offers an ideal environment for highly motivated, academic English teachers with a passionate commitment to their subject and who wish to develop their professional experience within warm, vigorous team in a thrilling metropolis.

Key responsibilities

Senior School English teacher job description

The role of the teacher at St. Paul’s is to promote at all times and in every possible way the pupils’ intellectual and social development and learning, including independent learning skills. This role develops according to the age group, for which the head of year may give appropriate guidance.

Pupils’ development, teaching and learning

Academic learning (including, but not limited to):

  • Creating and monitoring lessons and learning activities that are appropriate to a range of learning styles and pupil abilities.
  • Provoking and developing pupil’s sense of curiosity and wonder about the world.
  • Social development (including, but not limited to):
  • Ensuring a safe, stimulating, ordered and supportive environment for learning.
  • Giving ethical direction and pastoral care.

Professional/Self-development (including, but not limited to):

  • Participation in and keeping a record (portfolio) of personal goals, training and development initiatives.

Professional relationships:

  • With other teachers and staff (including, but not limited to):
  • Being a team player - supporting the work of other colleagues by participating in meetings, covering absent teachers, duties, etc.

With parents (including, but not limited to):

  • Reporting on pupil progress, orally and in writing, as may be required by school procedure.

Closing date Friday, 6th April 2018 5pm UK time – Please ensure your entire application is in English.

Applications will be considered as they arrive and the school reserves the right to appoint before the closing date

Required for August 2018



  • To have English as a first language or be a native English speaker.
  • To have a university degree qualification.
  • To have a certified teaching qualification, e.g. either a PGCE from the UK or Licenciatura from a Brazilian university.
  • To have prior experience of the leadership of EAL provision within schools would be desirable.
  • To be professional in outlook and conduct.
  • To be flexible in attitude and approach.
  • To have the ability to motivate and inspire others: both colleagues and pupils.
  • To have the ability to work well with others in small teams.
  • To have the ability to manage a considerable work load and have a high degree of administrative efficiency with the ability to work to deadlines.
  • To have excellent inter-personal and communication skills.
  • To have the sensitivity to deal with difficult pastoral and staffing issues.
  • To have a positive approach to problem solving.
  • To have a proactive attitude towards participation in continual professional development and the school’s staff review and development provision.
  • To be resilient and cheerful.
  • To have strong ICT skills both in their teaching and for administrative purposes.

    Any additional information you wish to be considered please upload using the CV option.