Director of Sport

Job description

Physical Educational (PE) Department


The department consists of eight full time teachers of PE, plus four specialist coaches in football, basketball and swimming and two PE assistants.  


The PE Department has superb facilities.  Outdoor facilities consist of a large field, where football and athletics are played.  Inside we have a 25 metre four-lane swimming pool, a multipurpose area, basketball and volleyball court.  These are housed an exceptional, newly opened facility.  These are used by the school both within and beyond the school day.


The PE department teach curriculum PE throughout the Prep and Senior School (years 2 to 13).  Pupils are taught a wide range of sports and activities, with both individual and team games being popular.  The school has an extensive and comprehensive co-curricular programme of sports for pupils which are both popular and represent high standard performance.  St. Paul's teams are highly competitive in tournaments and individual matches against schools (both Brazilian and international schools) and they also have the opportunity to be involved with sports tours at home and overseas.  Individual pupils are supported in a wide range of sports beyond the scope of the school curriculum; these include equestrianism, martial arts, fencing, gymnastics and water polo.  Sport has a high profile in the school and the department is well resourced and supported by the wider school community.


Main responsibilities

Lead, develop and implement the St. Paul`s sports strategy, including all aspects of sport both in and beyond the classroom. To maintain and further improve the departments high levels of performance to ensure the long-term excellence of sport and physical education of the whole school on a local, national and international level.

  • To direct a team of teachers and coaches by using effective management and leadership strategies to ensure that the team has a cohesive focus and is working towards achieving the mission statement of the department.
  • To model behaviour effectively to both staff and pupils to ensure that the highest level of standards and expectations are achieved and maintained in all aspects of the role.
  • To create an environment where staff engage with career development on an ongoing basis to ensure that their own practice is contemporary and at the highest levels of excellence; support and develop staff skills and confidence using the school`s review process.
  • To devise a physical education curriculum which ensures that all pupils across the whole school are enthused and engaged in their lessons and aspire to achieve their own sporting/athletic potentials in both core and academic PE.
  • To teach engaging lessons throughout the school by using high quality teaching and learning techniques and by building excellent relationships with pupils within lessons. Lead the teaching in the department to achieve excellent learning.
  • To create an effective timetable so that all pupils can engage with the clubs and societies programme across the whole school.
  • To meet with colleagues regularly to ensure excellent communications.
  • To promote the development of new sports and physical activities so that pupils are engaged with an innovative and contemporary curriculum both in and outside of the classroom environment.
  • To lead on the organisation of sports fixtures, tournaments and tours by effectively planning, delivering and reviewing these events to ensure that the pupils experience is at the highest level of excellence.
  • Guide, prepare and develop St. Paul's pupils to reach their potential by promoting and nurturing learning and understanding in different aspects of your subject specialism. Through a holistic (enhancing skills and abilities) approach to teaching and learning, encourage a positive attitude of learning, a critical spirit, an independent attitude, awareness of global citizenship and a high quality British and Brazilian education for the academic and personal development of pupils following the school’s mission and values.

In addition to this responsibility the job holder is a teacher and delivers lessons.


  • Monitor, support and assess pupils and provide timely and effective feedback to ensure pupil progress (both to parents and pupils), through the reporting framework, attending parent’s meetings or any appropriate evaluation tool.
  • To promote a safe environment for learning to pupils throughout the school as a subject teacher to ensure all pupils are happy, safe and supported, promoting a strong sense of community aligned to school values;
  • Plan and deliver lessons of appropriate type, content and quality for different year groups across senior school, working as a team player, following your department guidelines and school policy and to ensure pupil progress
  • Run workshop sessions and recuperação activities to offer support to pupils’ learning and contribute to the enrichment programme.
  • Attend departmental and staff meetings to follow the school’s plans and development training sessions in order to have a continuous sharing of best practice and administrative training.
  • Carry out duties by overseeing pupils during break and lunch times on a regular basis.
  • Invigilate examinations when necessary within the school timetable.
  • Cover for absent teachers when requested.
  • Participate in, evaluate and record appropriate professional development to support best practice and personal professional goals following school guidelines.
  • Be a pastoral tutor; take responsibility for the safety and well-being of a small group of pupils in a particular year group, within the school`s pastoral structure.

Any other reasonable duties as may be required from time to time.

Closing date is Monday, 21st January 2019 at 9am (UK time).  Please ensure your entire application is in English.

Applications will be considered as they arrive and the school reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.  

Required for August 2019


  • To have a university degree qualification; 
  • To have a certified teaching qualification, e.g. PGCE from the UK or Pedagogia from a Brazilian university; 
  • To have English as a first language or be a native English speaker;
  • To have good communication skills;
  • To be a team player/ collaborative; 
  • To be motivated, passionate/enthusiastic; 
  • To be proactive, dynamic, flexible, resilient and collaborative; 
  • To be organised; 
  • To be resistant to pressure and able to manage time well;
  • To have effective management and leadership strategies and proven strong leadership skills;
  • To have knowledge of the standards of physical education and sport expected in an independent school and the role it plays in school life;
  • To have a strong vision for school sport and how to plan for continual development and improvement;
  • To be accepting of and adaptable to change and ongoing improvements;
  • To be cheerful, with an engaging personality;
  • To be competent with technology for example the use of Microsoft office 365; 
  • To form positive professional relationships (with staff, parents, pupils); 
  • To love children.

Any additional information you wish to be considered please upload using the CV option.