Assistant Director of University Guidance & Careers

Job description

St. Paul´s School has very high aspiration for its school leavers for them to be well prepared for the most competitive universities both in Brazil and around the world, with a special emphasis on the UK.

In co-operation with the Director of University Guidance and Careers, the Assistant Director of University Guidance and Careers is responsible for planning and overseeing the effective delivery of high quality advice, guidance and support to pupils, parents, staff and visiting college officials with regards to careers (including subject choices etc) and university entrance.

On all occasions, the Advisor will liaise with the Director of University Guidance and Careers in order to guarantee the very best provision for all pupils, parents and staff.

University Guidance

Alongside the Director of University Guidance and Careers:

• Establish and oversee a university guidance programme throughout the School. Such a programme would include regular presentations to year groups, including a yearly presentation to each group of parents for a particular year group (F1-3, F4-5 and Lower Sixth).

• Deliver yearly workshops for parents of Form 4, Form 5, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth to bring them up to date on current developments on this front.

• To ensure that the Head and Sixth Form team are fully up to date with university admission policies, procedures and expectations for entry to universities around the world (predominantly in the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Europe). Please note that other systems and country requirements may be added according to emerging needs.

• To advise appropriate staff on current and potential developments within the sphere of global university provision and to be aware of the changing demands of the world of work and the implications for university students.

• Liaise with appropriate staff regarding to entrance to Oxbridge and Ivy League and other similar universities and put in place appropriate preparation that would involve mock interviews and a rigorous enrichment programme that identifies potential applicants as early as possible (and certainly pre IGCSE exams).

• To oversee the co-ordination of all subject teacher references linked to college applications; train tutors as necessary in subject reference writing skills for both UK and USA application systems.

• To oversee the collation of all application materials for efficient delivery to universities and colleges well in advance of published deadlines.

• Ensure that data is prepared in the appropriate format for applications; work with the data manager and secretaries on transcripts for applicants.

• Establish contacts and liaise with university admission officers worldwide and represent the school at appropriate conferences.

• Utilise appropriate outside agencies to help with university entrance and careers (e.g. psychometric testing and BridgeU).

• Organise, host and publicise university visitors to the school for pupils and parents as appropriate.

• Help to provide advice for pupils completing specific entrance tests (eg SATs, PSAT and UK subject entrance tests (eg BMAT, UKCAT).

• Maintain a list (which is accessible) for the members of the leadership group and a historic list of university destinations.

• To help organise, set up and invigilate standardised tests such as PSAT and ACT with accommodations.

• To work with the Brazilian University Advisor on all college related matters of common interest.

• To maintain a college noticeboard which disseminates current and relevant information.

• Work with parents of applicants and applicants themselves who may need scholarships or bursaries and guide them through such a selective process.

Careers advice

Along with the Director of University Guidance and Careers:

• Work with colleagues (in particular the PSHE co-ordinator) in planning and overseeing the delivery of appropriate careers guidance sessions for particular year groups, both within the curriculum and in one-off sessions as deemed necessary.

• Organise a biannual Careers Fair during Careers Week,

• Liaise with Old Pauleans who are willing to share their university and careers experience with pupils.

• Take part in the Careers Initiative with outside sources.

• Organise and manage internship opportunities for pupils.

• Be available at parents’ evenings to offer advice and guidance to parents and pupils.

Department Related Matters:

Along with the Director of University Guidance and Careers:

• Submit and manage the departmental budget.

• Draw up and review regularly a department development plan, ensuring that it fits with the whole school Development Plan.

• Maintain and update a St. Paul’s university school profile so that it reflects the school in a positive light and contains relevant, useful and accurate information for colleges and university admission teams to understand, at a glance, who we are, where our strengths lie and why our students should be looked upon favourably. The profile will be seen as a formal document which should present St. Paul’s in the best possible light.

• To budget for any material, such as on-line learning and digital resources, which would enhance application processes.

• To organise, host and publicise university visitors to the school for pupils and parents as appropriate.

• To maintain a list (which is accessible) for the members of the leadership group and a historic list of university destinations (liaising with the Old Paulean office to set this up).

• To be available at parents’ evenings (particularly Form 4 and above) to offer advice and guidance on University to parents and pupils.

• To set up a partnership between St Paul´s and targeted Universities so that we have direct contact with college professionals.

• To organise and arrange visits to partner universities (either through the open day structure or through a bespoke programme for our pupils and parents) so that interested pupils and parents can gain first-hand knowledge and insights into those universities.

• To liaise with other Brazilian College Advisors from local international schools to develop a network for future exchanges.


• To hold an undergraduate degree and preferably a postgraduate degree.

• To be a qualified and licenced teacher with suitable teaching experience of Sixth Form pupils.

• To have enjoyed previous experience working with scholarships and with colleges who offer overseas bursaries.

• Fluency in English and some knowledge of Portuguese (written and spoken).

• To have an excellent working knowledge of the USA and UK education systems and a good understanding of other world tertiary educational systems.

Characteristics of successful candidates:

• A demonstrated understanding of the fast paced and ever changing dynamics, which undergird college applications and guidance, worldwide.

• An intimate understanding of the various mechanisms underpinning the application process and how to harness these.

• A flexible and open-minded attitude towards learning more about the overall process of guiding applicants and their families on the road to success.

• An excellent communicator and relationship builder who is comfortable presenting at Board Level.